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Our Introduction to Nepal!


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Sunday 24th June -
After an early wake up of 4am we headed to the airport. We were nice and early, which is something we have been trying to work on!! We had a quick check in and headed through to departures with nearly 2hours to spare. The airport is extremely well designed with lots to do whilst you wait but we opted for a ham, cheese and pesto panini and water in a coffee shop in comfy chairs. I tried to tuck into Christian Grey but my eyes kept shutting and I curled up and drifted off. Poor Tommy, who is strict with his routine toilet procedures, was kept waiting whilst I snoozed... For an hour... Eeek! The only person he had contact with was the guy next to us, whose girlfriend was curled up snoozing next to me, via eye brow acknowledgements whilst people watching.
Air India provided us with little leg room and no reclining chairs from Bangkok to New Deli but we did have Independence Day on which kept us entertained for a while. On arrival the temperature was 40degrees! All transfers were held to one side and sent through to departures where Tommy and I vowed to have our last Mc D's. Remembering they wouldn't serve Big Macs at the counter, which was upsetting for us both, we went for a Spicy McChicken Sandwich meal. Hmmm not the same quality of chicken as back home, and that isn't great, we indulged in a deep fried greasy chicken burger. After 2 no possibly 3 girly bites I passed mine over to Tommy and nibbled on the chips which were fine. Tommy however took the spicy challenge and poured the whole bag of paprika onto his chips, shaking them round like the Salt'n'Shake crisps. Luckily he isn't too bothered about chips as they were gross so we upped and headed towards round 2 of Air India. The airport itself is a nice design, very modern and lots of Western Shops. After a similar flight with tiny seats, that reclined this time, the same 5 channels on the TV - Tommy opted for Independence Day... Again! We headed off, the air con is hysterical it fills the plane with what can only be described as dry ice, that with a rattley, noisy engine set my imagination off wild about scenarios about the plane!
Touch down in Nepal, all scenarios proved wrong and the temperature has dropped to 23degrees but still nice and sunny. We are very excited to see the place as we have been told it is a place of surprises - OMG how right were those people! Firstly visas, we enter into a dated room for passport control and have to pay $40 each to legally visit the country, there was a very unhelpful man at the cash exchange would not change our Indian Ruppee, told us we needed US$ and that the cash machine was broken and we needed passport photos which were in the hold. Hmmm... So he let us through keeping our passports to get cash and collect our pictures. We collected our bags and left the airport, I found a girl going to our same hotel and Tommy went to get money. As we waited for Tommy we were approached by many different taxi men, despite us explaining our hotel had arranged this.. Time ticked by... Regina, explained she had done a trip from Nepal to Deli and was coming back to work for a month in the eye department in a hospital here. Finally we were granted access to leave the airport and passed all the Suzuki go carts and got into our hotel van. We bumped along from the airport seeing a total contrast of life, there are some malls being build but the streets are unkept with huge pot holes and rubble, beggars, street markets, wild dogs, a lot of rubbish, chickens, goats and cows wandering not to mention the road rage... Everyone beeps and the road system is anything goes.
We took a left at a dirt track along a river as dread filled Tommy and I - the stench was fowl, a vinegar/urine/ polluted smell caught out noses and we were hoping our hotel was not in this area. Luckily it was a short cut and we pulled back onto the broken Tarmac road and headed through a hectic town. A parade was ahead of us with dancers and singers  in front of a wedding car and our driver explained it was wedding season. After more pot holes, beeping, cows chilling on shop fronts out of the sun we headed off the larger bumpy dirt track/road down a side road to our hotel. The hotel was like an oasis in comparison, we entered and were offered a welcome drink, time to rest now in our suite. Once we had replenished our energy levels we headed into the lush green, candle lit garden. The water features were flowing and the lighting took you away from the chaos of the streets. We decided to explore a little and get our bearings we trekked up darkened streets which were still buzzing with people, cars, horns and dogs. We spotted a roof terrace and headed up for a drink, we entered a relaxed bar which was well furnished and sat on cushions on the floor, my feet were black from the dirt and the sludge. We ordered a beer and vodka red bull, now the red bull isn't fizzy like at home but a sweet, syrupy rocket fuel concoction. There was a band playing who were very good and then the heavens opened - it poured down!! We stayed for about an hour and braved the walk home in the rain, we arrived drenched at Hotel Ganish. As we had missed dinner we stopped for a night cap and spotted 2 sandy tiger like kittens who were gorgeous - reminding us of Jemima and Mr Bojangles! Tommy started talking to a local man and I headed up to contact home an indulge in Christian Grey! Tommy's new friend fascinated him through discussions on his travels all over the world, his grandfather having a sky burial and other facts about his life.

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